The new action over the money by 4G3W communication motor



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I keep my moment, I-do-mark-My-money !
I-do-mark-my-money with my production factors that I touch in my webfishing. So easy, cashkeeping by communication motor for my savings performance.

With the new action "to datevalue the money" you may upgrade from the classic economy done with 3 gestures - to save, to spend, to invest - and enter now you too in the New Economy 4G3W.

It means that you use the screen of your communication motor - cellphone, computer, television, gps & others - to datevalue your money for the work in the web against automatic plusvalues in your datevalors account. Because you feel that you can't save anymore with the old bankers conditions tax based. Because you try to put 100 € and you get less than 103 € one year latter. It's wrong and it is finishing because the inflation put your money back, 103 € = 98 € and you loose 5 % more or less. With such performance the classic economy cannot moove the people. Because individual person are not instituts, big-blues or bankers. People are not finantial specialists.

People just to the economy, by their economics gestures, day after day. Thing that is not one the mind of finantial experts .

That's why now i'm comming in the New Economy 4G3W and I-do-mark-My-money with my screen-cellphone-date. Only with this condition I give my money for finantial experts. Because I must solve my economic life and they must solve economic crisis tsunami-looking.

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